Prince Harry Speech

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One of the most famous events in the world was the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event was in the media attention and millions of people all around the world watched it. After the wedding,  Prince Harry  delivered his best man’s speech. Prince Harry  declared that the love story of his brother and Kate inspires him very much. Harry is getting along very well with Kate, saying he loves her as a sister. Kate was very touched by Prince Harry speech and even shared a tear.

As Prince Harry is known for his great sense of humor, so the speech was peppered with a few jokes. Prince Harry was very warm and nice when he talked about William and Kate at the evening reception. Moreover, Prince Harry  said that William was the perfect brother and he also called him a “dude”. He also added that he knew their relationship would become serious when William, his brother, was “cooing down the phone at Kate”.

Prince Harry  declared that his brother became very romantic after he met Kate and that was another clue that their love story will be a long-term and a serious relationship. Prince Harry is one of the most important celebrities in the world, but he has more to offer to the world than his jokes. He has became also a responsible man who participates in many events and sometimes takes over the Queen’s duties. Although his academic results were not great, Prince Harry  enrolled in the military. At present, he is training to become an Apache pilot and is very determined to go back in Afghanistan. Prince Harry  ensured people that he will do his best to achieve that. It is pretty difficult for him as he also has to take care of royal duties, so he does not have too much time. Nonetheless, Prince Harry  promised that he will get back to work and will not waste time in pubs or with other entertainment opportunities.

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