Prince Harry Spends The First Anniversary Of His Broher Partying

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One of the biggest events that the royal family of the United Kingdom recently celebrated is the first anniversary of Prince William and Duchess Kate. Although in the recent months Prince Harry was linked to British pop sensation Mollie King, she was nowhere to be seen by his side. Although his brother celebrated an important event, the first year of marriage, Prince Harry enjoyed the fact that he is single and partied. Prince Harry did not gave a lot of attention to what Prince William and Kate were celebrating. he kept focusing on him and spent his free time in a great manner, as many single guys do. Both Friday and Saturday, Prince Harry was seen out and about. He is officially single and this is enough of a reason to enjoy late nights out in town. As opposed to his brother William, Prince Harry spends his free time enjoying his celibacy.

Even if Prince William and Duchess Catherine had a low key event that marked their first anniversary, Prince Harry preferred to party. On Friday, Prince Harry was spotted by paparazzi in the Mayfair neighborhood of London. He was seen coming out of Arts Club. This is one of the most exclusive clubs in London and few have the chance to enter it. The ultra private club has no secrets for Prince Harry, of course. The young prince was seen leaving it alone, although many expected to also see Mollie King leaving the fancy location.

On Saturday night, Prince Harry preferred another establishment. He arrived at the Novikov restaurant in an elegant white shirt and spent a few hours inside. He was seen leaving the luxurious eatery all alone, although the paparazzi once again hoped to see the dashing prince with a lady friend. Even if Prince Harry is involved with someone, until this point, there is no certain proof. He leads a very private life and is not eager to offer to may details about it to the press. Prince Harry is a faithful client of London’s hot spots, but nobody knows exactly with whom is he spending his time behind the walls.

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