Prince Harry Spent Easter In Transylvania

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Prince Harry is a very important public figure and is always in the attention of the press, either for his bad jokes, like dressing in a Nazi costume for Halloween one year, either for his heavy partying, either for his romances, like the one with Chelsea Davy or for his travels, like the one he recently did to Romania. This year, for Easter, Prince Harry was not home with all the family, but went to Transylvania, Romania, an area where his famous father has various properties. He spent the Easter weekend far away from his brother, Prince William and his sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, because he preferred to spend some quiet time and to learn more about the Romanian culture. Prince Harry made a great impression, as soon as he was on the plane, as a passenger discovered that she shares a flight with the famous Prince Harry.

Contrary to all expectations, Prince Harry chose a low cost company to fly to Romania. He had a flight from London’s Luton airport and as soon as one women on board recognized him, she tweeted the news. This is how all the press found out instantly that Prince Harry is heading to Transylvania and more than this, he chose a low cost company for his transportation. Once he landed in Romania, he headed to one of his father’s properties, where he was awaited with curiosity, especially by the locals. The press did not miss the event and also interviewed the villagers, to find out what did they think about this visit of the popular Prince Harry.

According to one lady, Prince Harry is a very sweet young man and he behaved excellent. Although in Romania, Easter is celebrated a week later this year, as most Romanian are Orthodox, the villagers put up all their efforts to make Prince Harry feel the great holiday atmosphere. An inside source revealed that after he came back to the United Kingdom, Prince Harry was very content thanks to his visit to Romania and he was very happy to meet new people and too see the local customs. He also tried the dishes of the local cuisine and tuica, a Romanian alcoholic beverage made of plums.

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