Prince Harry Tabloid Appearances

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Over the course of the years, Prince Harry has had several episodes in which he was the favorite target of tabloids around the world. Even though he is all grown up now and started an adequate and mature behavior, Prince Harry is still submitted to scrutiny at times for his rebellious acts. As Prince Harry had countless appearances in the tabloids, the major names of the industry categorized him as the royal family’s “wild child”. This nickname has been associated to other famous names leading a troubled teenage and young life. This fact made Prince Harry enter the world of those categorized as troubled young celebrities.

One of the greatest scandals in which Prince Harry was involved due to tabloid appearances happened when he was only 17 years old. This was the moment in which Prince Harry was caught smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol with a group of his under-aged friends. The media made a big fuss about this event, as it was an action making him unworthy of the royal name. Young celebrities engaging in under-aged drinking and in doing drugs, were situations that have happened before, but this time it concerned a royal figure, which meant a higher degree of trouble and the possibility of a forever ruined reputation. In addition to this, some of the night time escapades of the Prince ended in altercations with the paparazzi. As a result, the tabloids turned to trashing the name of the young royal. Another event which made people wonder about the public image of Prince Harry was at his High-grove House, during the “Colonial and Native” costume party. The Prince dressed up as a Nazi German and had the swastika symbol on his arm. The tabloids made a huge deal out of this event.

The troubled appearances Prince Harry had in tabloids were resolved with public apologies. Even so, people still considered him too troubled for a royal figure. Things changed though as the Prince grew up and developed a more mature sense and understanding. Nowadays, he is featured in a variety of positive stories and he is acclaimed world-wide.

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