Prince Harry To Read Pippa Middleton Book

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Prince Harry has reportedly read extracts from Pippa Middleton’s new book to his army friends. The prince currently is located in Afghanistan, where Harry is set to complete a four month term.

Prince Harry received a copy of Pippa’s book, Celebrate, at Camp Bastion. And it seems that the star decided to share it with his friends. Reports indicate that Harry has been teased by his colleges about his relationship with Pippa.


“Harry’s the subject of lots of banter. Everyone winds him up about Pippa,” a source said according to The Sun. “They take the mickey out of their friendship by calling her his wifey in the making. Harry loves a good joke, even if it’s about him. He couldn’t resist reading chapters out loud. It’s raised morale and caused some much-needed cheer,” the same source explained.

Pippa Middleton’s book, Celebrate, subtitled A Year of British Festivals for Family and Friends, will be released in stores on Thursday, October 25. It surely looks like the star has been very busy in the past few months working at this project. The book is expected to be a success. It includes several tips on planning different events and parties, including for Halloween. Reports have indicated that Pippa has already singed a deal for the book, worth no less than $640,000.


If the book will really be a success or not is something we will probably see in the next few months. Still, Prince Harry has already showed his interest in Pippa’s book. The star has actually brought a copy with him to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is on a four month deployment as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. The prince will most likely spend Christmas in Afghanistan, as well. This means that the star won’t be returning home for the holidays. Prince Harry will remain in Central Asia until early 2013. This is the second time when the star misses out on festivals with his family in five years.


Prince Harry will be in a difficult and demanding job in the next few months, so he will definitely continue to focus on his duties to offer support to the coalition troupes.

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