Prince Harry Visits Harry Potter Exhibition

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Prince Harry, accompanied by his older brother William and his wife, Kate, have recently visited the Harry Potter exhibition. The royal couple and Prince Harry visited Warner Bros, Studios in Hertfordshire, England. The trio made a visit on the sets of Harry Potter and attended a wand-waving lesson.

It surely looks like both William and Kate had a great time at the event. And Harry also enjoyed the time out with his brother and sister in law. “Where is my brother? Why isn’t he doing this?” William said while facing his wife in a magic wands duel. Harry was actually told that he could be part of Weasley family, as he has red hair. Actress Bonnie Wright made the remark. She plays Ginny’s role in Harry Potter movies.


Well, if a Harry Potter actress claimed that Prince Harry would do great as part of the Weasley family, Prince William thinks that he would be a perfect Batman. William said that he would readily step into the role of Batman in case Christian Bale decides to retire. William surely had a great time during this trip, looking extremely happy and joking around. “Harry is happy just to have seen a real-life talking owl,” Prince William said according to Parade.“I haven’t told him yet that Harry Potter isn’t real,” he joked.

The trio went on to visit the Harry Potter Diagon Alley set and they all received wands. In fact, they received hand-carved wooden wands as gifts. Prince William praised the movie industry in the UK and the impressive growth registered in the past few years, showing at the same time his support for such projects. The future king, his wife and his brother surely enjoyed a great time visiting the Harry Potter exhibition.

William and Kate are going to become parents soon, an event much expected by the happy parents, the royal family, but also by people from all over the world. Prince Harry seems to be thrilled to become an uncle, while Kate looks happy and relaxed. The royal baby has great chances of becoming a fan of Harry Potter, too, as Kate claimes that she loves both the books and the movies. In fact, the entire family seem to be fans of this story.

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