Prince Harry’s Girlfriend – Chelsy Davy

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While Harry is always in the public eye, because of his brother’s wedding, the media attention on Harry has been even more extensive than usual. Since William is officially settling down and beginning life as a married man, one of the biggest questions floating around in the media is when Harry is also going to decide that it’s time to get married.

Like his older brother, Harry has had an extensive relationship with a particular girl. This girl’s name is Chelsy Davy. Davy and Harry first began dating all the way back in 2004. During the course of their relationship, reports surfaced that Harry was seriously considering proposing to her. While it would have been interesting to see Harry get married before his older brother, this didn’t happen. Instead, Chelsy and Harry called off their relationship in 2009. However, like many long-term relationships, breaking up didn’t mean the end for these two. Instead, Harry decided that it would only be right to bring her along to the wedding of the decade.

Although there’s no way to know exactly why their relationship came to an end, one reason that is commonly cited is because Chelsy doesn’t like all of the attention that goes along with dating someone as high-profile as Harry. Given the fact that Kate has dealt with this same issue, it’s not at all surprising. It’s especially easy to understand when you take into account that Chelsy is originally from Zimbabwe. However, now that Chelsy has moved and begun working in London at a law firm, she will be closer to Harry. Since the two are obviously talking and comfortable being around each other, you can’t rule out the potential of them tying the knot in a few years.

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