The Education of Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is one of the most influential figures of the United Kingdom, so no wonder that his life has always been on the spotlight. Born on September 15, 1984, Prince Harry grew to be one of the most beloved members of the Royal Family. While he was involved in many scandals and is considered the rebel of the monarchy, Prince Harry had a thorough education, that all parents dream to give to their children. Prince Harry carried on with the family tradition that his father and brother had set before him. Just like them, Prince Harry attended public schools, at first.

Prince Harry started at Jane Mynors’ nursery school, at the age of three. Then, in 1989, Prince Harry attended Wetherby School, a pre-preparatory one. Both of these schools were located in west London. Next on the list was Ludgrove School, in Berkshire, where Prince Harry joined his elder brother, Prince William. Carrying on with the tradition, Prince Harry enrolled at Eton College, not until passing the admission exams. While at Eton, Prince Harry studied geography, art and art history.

The fact that Prince Harry and Prince William were both studying at Eton did not please the Royal Family, as all of its members had studied at Gordonstoun. However, it was the late Princess Diana who decided that it was best for her children to be educated at Eton, as her brother and father studied there, too. It turned out that Prince Harry did not have the academical skills that his brother did, as by the time he graduated, he had a D in geography and a B in arts. However, Prince Harry was very talented at sports. He was House Captain of Games at Eton, excelling at rugby, polo and cricket.

In 2003, Prince Harry graduated from Eton. After that, though, he decided that it was time to take a year off. During that time, Prince Harry lived in Australia, where he worked on a cattle station, just like his father did. In 2005, Prince Harry entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which he completed in 2006. Then, Prince Harry continued his military career, and by 2008, he was already ranked as lieutenant. Now, Prince Harry is completing his helicopter training, in the United States, and it seems that he is doing great and that he is a natural at it.

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