The Latest News Regarding Prince Harry

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Now that Prince William is taken, his brother is still in the limelight as one of the most famous bachelors in England. This is why women dream about him and include him in their fantasies of becoming princesses. Even if most of them do not stand a chance, a few famous ladies made some declarations referring to the charming prince. On June 7, Cheryl Cole was filming an episode for The Graham Norton Show. When she was asked by the host, Graham Norton if she is single. She admitted that she is. Even so, apparently Cole included the dashing prince in her plans. The beautiful singer made a hand gesture to show a phone and said “Call me”. Apparently, this comes as a follow-up, because Prince Harry declared that he fancies Cole. She also admitted long time ago that she had a dream in which she married him and became royalty. On June 4, the singer actually performed for the royals for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. On the set of The Graham Norton Show, together with Cole was none other than Katy Perry which reacted immediately when the talk was about the prince.

According to her, he is a “hot ginger”. The two singers seem to have matching taste when it comes about men, agreeing that the prince is very beautiful and attractive. In other news related to him, it was announced on June 12 that he has big plans for the future. The prince is planning to make an expedition on Mount Everest. His efforts will be made in order to film a documentary. The prince will collaborate with ITV1 for this new project he has. Through the documentary, the prince will show the importance of his charity, Walking With The Wounded.

The film will follow Prince Harry and a team of war heroes who want to climb Mount Everest. According to a report of Daily Star, this was actually already filmed and the whole team that wanted to climb the mountain had to call off the plans of doing it because of the low temperatures. The truth is not known yet, but according to most of the press releases that appeared in the last hours, the movie has yet to be made. In any case, fans of the prince cannot wait to see him embarking in this new adventure.

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