The Life Of Prince Harry

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Henry Charles Albert David, better known as Prince Harry Of Wales or simply as Prince Harry was born on 15 September 1984 and is the son of Charles, Prince Of Wales and Diana, who later became Princess Of Wales. Also, Prince Harry Of Wales is the fourth grandchild of Queen Elisabeth 2nd and Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh.

Prince Harry was educated at several schools in Great Britain and Australia, but he chose a military career, just as other regal personalities. He is also a tank commander and a second lieutenant. There were rumors saying that Charles was not his father, but James Hewitt with whom it is thought that Diana had an affair. He and his brother, William, were brought by their mother, Diana, in many hospitals or centers as she wanted them to learn from all these and to help people who are in trouble or who are ill.

Even from an early age, Prince Harry began to go with his parents at official meetings. More, Prince Harry has a flying brevet and when he was 23 he became Counsellor Of State and he also did many things regarding the royal duties. He visited many organizations and he took the royal duties when the Queen was not there. Prince Harry is often known as the “wild child” and he often appeared in the tabloids. Harry loves sport and he practiced motocross, polo, skiing. He was caught by paparazzi while he was smoking cannabis and wearing a Nazi uniform at a party with swastika on his arm. Later, he apologized for this kind of behavior. His relationships were not so popular as those of his brother, but one of his girlfriends that was presented to the Queen was Chelsy Davy. In 2011, it seems that Harry is single. Harry’s full title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. In case the successor of the throne will be his father, Charles, then his title will change and will be His Royal Highness The Prince Henry.

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