What It Takes to Be Prince Harry

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On September 15, 1984, a new prince was born at St. Mary’s Hospital, in London. He was named Prince Harry of Wales, and he grew to be one of the most beloved members of all times of the British Royal Family. Prince Harry is, without a doubt, a charming man, who has millions of fans all around the world. Since girls can no longer dream about marrying his brother, Prince William, Prince Harry has now taken over. He is constantly on the spotlight, especially as most girls dream about being princesses and having a wonderful life with the handsome prince. However, there is more to Prince Harry than looks or royal blood.

Few people know what it actually takes to be Prince Harry, and how difficult his job is. He did not like it either, as he chose to be different and to follow his dreams. This is why most people see Prince Harry as a rebel, who does not care too much about the protocol or about the traditions he has to follow. After attending several schools in the United Kingdom and spending some time in Australia and Lesotho, Prince Harry decided that he did not want to go to college.

Unlike his brother, Prince William, Harry chose to step on the foot of the men in the Royal Family who traded a college education for a military career. Prince Harry thus enrolled in the army. He even spent time in Afghanistan, fighting in the Afghan War. However, after 77 days, Prince Harry was forced to leave, because the media had found out about his presence there and the coverage on the subject was too exposing.

After that, he went to the United States, to complete his helicopter training. Surprisingly or not, Prince Harry is actually very gifted at it. One of his trainers even said that he is a natural talent. Prince Harry is also involved in many charity events, and it is obvious that he takes after his mother, the late Princess Diana. Nevertheless, Prince Harry is always there when needed. At his brother’s wedding, Prince Harry made an excellent impression, and it seems that his rebellious days are behind him and that he is now a grown man.

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